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Maria Light Lemon Juice CBD 1g

SKU: Maria Light Lemon Juice CBD 1g
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Seedless Fruit , also known as Chosen Fruit is an inflorescence Cannabis Sativa seeded with a value of 12.45% CBD and THC 0.18% and therefore respects the Italian law, making it 100% legal. As you can guess from the name, Fruit Seedless, it comes from a selection of particularly fruity inflorescences.

the THC content is 0.18% and the CBD is the 12.45% .

At 100% legal 

Warning : MariaLight is intended solely for research, development or technical use. This inflorescence stems from the accepted varieties entered in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species. Do not swallow, keep out of reach of children. Not for sale to minors under 18 years. By purchasing this product claims to have more than 18 years. Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in the dark. The Hemp Light is not considered drug because it does not contain or contains THC below the legal limit. Always consult a doctor before changing your diet or using any new product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The sale of industrial hemp flower has a reason to exist because the inflorescence is governed by the law of December 2, 2016 n. 242 (effective January 14, 2017) which sets out provisions for the promotion of cultivation and agro-industrial sector of the Hemp. Also it eslusa by law 309/90 on drugs because the values, certified by the producer, have a THC content of less than the legal limit.
In addition, the law of 2015 decree on medical cannabis, which distinguishes and defines the therapeutic scheduled with the exclusive trade under the protection of pharmacists prior prescription, therefore excludes non therapeutic as these inflorescences that come from industrial hemp cultivation.

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