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Maria Light Strawberry CBD 1g

SKU: Maria Light Strawberry CBD 1g
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Strawberry CBD , aroma and exceptional resin

We researched specifically a variety that came near to what is now the Strawberry and the result is something unique and exceptional. This Strawberry CBD has an unmistakable smell of wild strawberries that capture the sense of smell and not abandon it, the feeling is that it has just opened a jar of jam strawberry but with a slight aftertaste that allows, this inflorescence, not to be so sweet disgust. It maintains a perfect balance of sweet and delicate flavor aftertaste. If you find yourself having to handle our CBD Strawberry's advice is to use gloves, unless your goal is not to get your fingers stuck together by the resin .

At 100% legal 

Strawberry CBD has a THC value is less than 0.2% and therefore respects the European law, making it 100% legal. This variety of Hemp Seedless is completely seedless . The cultivation is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Marialight Strawberry CBD can not in any way get high, given the almost void of THC present, THC is prohibited. Instead, it is present in much of the CBD, namely the Cannabidiol. The CBD is a metabolite non-psychoactive contained in Cannabis sativa, has no psychoactive effects and has no legal limit in Europe, its effects are relaxing, anticonvulsant, antidistonici, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, promotes sleep and is relaxing against anxiety and panic . However MariaLight is not a medical product or pharmaceutical.

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